There’s This Place Near Us. It Can Fix our Bodies. But Most Importantly, It Can Fix Our Souls.

The last couple of months have almost knocked me down. Lots of personal matters I had to deal with and, of course, a lot of work. Plenty of work. So much work it got me thinking that I might be the hardest working countess in history. On top of that, I have to admit, I put on some weight, which is distressing for any woman, countess or not – no sorry, new age thinkers, not that impacata cu mine yet. I wish work could burn down calories. You wouldn’t see the difference between me and Kate Moss if it did. But it doesn’t.

Anyway, I needed some time and space for myself. I needed to feel spoiled and self-loved and to be taken care of. I needed to get rid of all the bad thoughts in my mind and the toxins in my body. I needed my strength back. Fortunately, I knew just how to get it. Ileana Badiu is the master guru when it comes to tacking care of one’s body and soul. So when I called and said I’m having a meltdown she sent me straight to Atasagon Detox & Wellbeing saying that it’s better than the detox/relaxation clinics we went before.

I would like to start by saying that it is quite amazing to have a detox and wellbeing center of such level so close to Bucharest. All you have to do is jump in your car and go to Brasov. I have visited quite a few wellbeing centers in Europe, and this one is among the best I have seen. The detox programs are amazing. You can chose between 3 detox full programs and countless wellbeing therapies. Every little detox process here makes you feel brand new. There were moments when it felt like every little cell of my body was being taken care of. Long story short, the countess felt like a queen. My body was a little bit shocked by the amount of healthy stuff it was getting. Shocked in a good way, of course. But still I was dreaming about McDonald’s! That is the hardest part, to get through those moments when your brain wanders and you hallucinate about food.

I just told you that, before Atasagon, my mind wasn’t in a good place, either. I can say that after a few days there, my mind wasn’t able to think anymore. It was only meditating. The place is feels like the centre of peace. Not only the place is awesome, but the people working there, too. The personnel here is amazing. No, not exaggerating. The way they talk to you has that kind of softness you only find in Transylvania. Every guest at Atasagon feels she/he matters! Because that’s how the guests are treated. And we all know this kind of treatment is rare in Romania’s service industry so I think it deserves a proper highlight. There is always someone paying attention to your needs. There is always someone knowing what to do to make you feel even better. There is always someone to know how to fulfil enev your tiny desires like refilling your glass with water. I do not want to be mean, but it didn’t feel like Romania. The kindness and the professionalism of the people working here felt like moisturising the mind.  Thumbs up!

For a few days I was in awe and I left just like that, mesmerised. My body felt lighter and my mind felt rested. Finally. For the first time in a decade, maybe #notexaggerating. I’m pretty sure that my mind will make me go back to Atasagon every time it will need to because those days really did wonders for me. And when I think about how many years I just neglected this kind of self-care…

Sometimes life tends to go ahead of our souls, bodies and minds…When that happens you do not give into anxiety or depression, you get up, find what reconnects you back with YOU and do that! Never give up on you! Take little steps and when it comes to getting through the dark times, do not neglect the importance of a health cleanse and lifestyle. I did until I saw the difference…


Also, there’s this amazing place I stayed at, The Pines Boutique Hotel, the are is so Italian vibed and very calm and peaceful. Check it out if you like.

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