Excellence Award offered by Dr. Oz

Atasagon Detox & Wellbeing Center starts from the principle that in order to be truly healthy, people need to have their body toxins and negative thoughts removed from their mind.Thus, the entire service menu is governed by the motto MAKING HEALTH YOUR HABIT, and focuses on prevention, body and mental detox, and relaxation.

Laureate of the fist edition of the Gala of Excellence in Medicine, Innovation and Related Areas, which was held at Stejarii Country Club on May 25, 2016 in Bucharest , the Atasagon Detox & Wellbeing team received the award ’’Complete Detox & Wellbeing Concept’’, offered by Dr. Oz, the most renowned doctor in the world.


The Gala of Excellence in Medicine, Innovation and Related Areas has awarded important figures from out the Medical World, figures that have marked the evolution of the medical industry and related areas.

The Conference with Dr. Mehmet Oz was entitled Take your life to the next level and was regarded as one of the most anticipated events of the year. The doctor approached various themes related to health, lifestyle, beauty, including useful tips on how we can improve our lives and how to develop a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Oz’s popularity is due to the fact that he promoted complementary medicine during the famous show Dr. Oz Show, released with the support of Oprah Winfrey.

The center is the result of an intensive collaboration between international specialists, with an extensive expertise in the field of wellbeing. Furthermore, one of the founders, togheter with a specialist in the detox juices (Juice Master) and with a master in spa therapies, participated in the development and implementation of unique and innovative concepts in the most famous detox centers in Turkey. And in Romania, with the opening of Atasagon Detox & Wellbeing Center, they managed to keep the standards really high.