Frequent Questions

Master Detox is the most popular program and we highly recommend it. During this program you serve only liquid meals (juices and shakes). Master Detox is the only program that contains the Angel of Water procedure and this is will be done every day. A healthy colon is essential for the proper functioning of the body and for maintaining its health. During the green juice detox program, you will nourish your body during the day with alkaline plants, such as spinach, celery, and cucumber juice. The high levels of chlorophyll in this detox program will increase the level of oxygen in you blood

The last program, the Raw Food, combines raw food with juices from fresh vegetables and fruits. The Raw Food Detox is a program we highly recommend to those who want to eliminate extra

fat and alleviate the digestive system. The detox program will make you step outside your comfort zone and will determine you to start a pursuit, which makes life much more beautiful. Regardless of the program you choose, you can talk to our dedicated team and our team will guide you throughout the program. All three detox programs are at the same price.

Detox was created to offer a rapid start, or rather a restart, to help all your systems work better again. It is an instrument anyone can use to recover, to reset the balance and to heal. As it was created taking into consideration the needs of busy people, Detox is an easy and practical detox plan which perfectly fits in to the daily schedule without you having to disengage from the normal stream of life.

Toxins and stress create obstacles for normal functioning and in the self-healing capacity of our bodies. If we alienate these obstacles and we instead offer our bodies what it really need, it will recover their health and energy and we will begin to look and feel extremely well!

Detox programs contain cocktails that are carefully prepared so that they provide the necesarry proteins, fats, and a certain quantity of carbohydrates, in the form of liquids, together with all the nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that the liver needs in order to carry out its detoxification function.

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