Atasagon Center

Brasov, one of the city of tales in Transylvania, hides a location where you can plan your next vacation – without a mobile phone, without a laptop, without the famous ’’to do list’’. The experience within the Atasagon Detox&Wellbeing Center will cause you to rethink your lifestyle, to improve it’s quality , thus being the perfect time to find the necessary motivation and to make the much desired changes. Atasagon also tells the story of a familly. It has all started due to the background of the founding doctor, a specialist in Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases. The combination between her curiosity and the desire to experience and understand about detox, has determined Dr. Alina Spinean to attend a detox program in Turkey. She wanted to fell the benefits of the detox program on her own body and she realized one more time how much we need to release these toxins. There she met her current husband, Muhammet Gurkan, the manager of that center. Our lifestyle has become dominated by “now”, by urgent, by stress, anxiety, agony or ecstasy and we have a fierce desire to achieve a balance. They decided to open a prevention and detox center in Brasov, which is her hometown.Togheter, they want to promote a healthy lifestyle, to share from their experience, to help people to improve their health and to change their way of thinking.

The Atasagon Detox & Wellbeing Center starts from the principle  that in order to be truly healthy , people need to have their body toxins and negative thoughts removed from their mind.Therefore,the entire service menu is governed by the motto MAKING HEALTH YOUR HABIT, and it focuses on prevention, body and mental detox and relaxation.

The Atasagon Detox & Wellbeing Center offers complexed and diversified programs that accelerates and intensifies the removal of toxins from the body. It is dedicated to all those who want a rapid restoration of the body, in order to help all body systems work better, while targeting the digestive system and improving the quality of the lifestyle. For spectacular results, eliminating toxins involves neutralizing  them through optimal nutrient intake, provided through special diet and detox programs and therapies.

The location is situated at the foot of Tampa Mountain and offeres an absolutely gorgeous view. The location allows our guest to connect with nature as well – due to our daily walks in the nature, included in the program. The overall design of the center is a modern, minimalist, with natural light provided by the glass surface, design elements that create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.