Advantages of detoxification?

It helps you eliminate toxins;
It reduces allergy symptoms;
It strengthens your immune system to come more resilient to disease and infection; It o ers a blood cleansing and organs, cells, and tissues regeneration;
It helps you have a clean and lightened skin;
It gives you an energy boost;
It regulates the metabolism and the digestive system;
It helps lose extra kilos (2-4 kg for women, 4-7 kg for men during a 7 day program); Improves liver functions;
It regulates the values of blood pressure;
It reduces joint pains;
It helps you have a regular sleep;
It reduces the risk of chronic diseases;
It helps eliminate water from tissues;
It improves concentration and memory;
It makes you think positively;
It helps balance the intestinal ora;

Symptoms such as fatigue, mental confusion, dark circles, bad breath, digestive problems, scars, acne, and bad body odor can be eliminated with a detox program.