According to Far East philosophy, all tensions and negative sentiments are accumulated in the abdomen. A blockage in this region blocks the energy, and reduces the power and vitality of a person by weakening their internal organs.


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Aromatherapy massage

In this therapy, aromatic plants, massage oils are used. Aromatic oils prepared from Mediterranean plants with different therapeutic characteristics according to their scent are spread on the body with slow, light, long, circular touches. After applying these aromatic oils, the muscles and joints are massaged for a deep relaxation.  Plant oils have antiseptic and antiviral effects according to the plant family they are extracted from. They have pain-alleviating and muscle-relaxing effects, detoxification effects, breath-improving effects, they balance the nervous system, they are antidepressive, they stimulate memory, and they rejuvenate cells. They also have therapeutic and complementary effects for healing diseases and specific disorders.

Deep tissue massage

The tenson of the body is reflected in the tissues and the muscles and affects the muscles. This massage, which starts by putting your feet in aromatic hot water together with flowers to relax the soul and the mind, is a balancing therapeutic massage intended for the disrupted areas of the body (it is effective for treating blood pressure and swelling). It stimulates blood flow so that the deepest muscles are freed from toxins and the nourishing substances are sent directly to these muscles. Deep massage of the tissues is recommended to persons who suffer from diseases such as arthritis, joint pain, etc. Although it covers the whole body, the affected areas are a priority. After the affected areas are attended to, the therapy continues with the other parts of the body, by using compression, a technique in which the muscles are softly pushed towards the bones. This therapy is recommended for chronic pain and pains caused by athletic activities. The deep tissue massage helps the body find its natural balance and it aligns the head, shoulders, hara (the vital energy center of the human body), and the legs.


Bali traditional massage

This is a tradition in Bali, Indonesia and involves applying pressure on the energetic points of the body, soft touching, and stretching exercises which contribute to obtaining better effects by touching deeper points beyond the surface tissues of the muscles. This massage balances the energetic centers of the body and integrates all the internal systems. To finalize this massage technique, the muscle tension is released by using natural oils, the energy levels rise, and the whole body and mind are extremely relaxed.

Chi NeiTsang (Abdominal massage)

According to Far East philosophy, all tensions and negative sentiments are accumulated in the abdomen. A blockage in this region blocks the energy, and reduces the power and vitality of a person by weakening their internal organs. Chi Nei Tsang is recommended for digestive problems, abdomen bloating, and flatulence. It also helps the activity and detoxification of the intestine.

Anticellulite massage

This massage focuses on the abdomen, hips, and legs and helps eliminate cellulite and hard tissue. Please book a session following decide the ideal combination after a consultation with your therapist.


Have you noticed that when your legs are tired you do not have energy anymore? The leg is a complex structure made of 26 bones, 30 delicate muscles, and 114 ligaments. According to reflexology principle, ”the reflex points” on the legs represent other organs in the body. These connections are tied together through energy channels, regions and lengths. When a disease or an unbalance appears in the body, the energy channels are blocked and the reflexology massage can help eliminate these blockages and reestablishes the natural balance of the body.


Hot volcanic rocks therapy

Hot volcanic rock therapy is a type of massage in which the heat from the hot rocks penetrates deeply into the body. This massage has a special technique, that involves applying heated and cooled volcanic lava (Basalt). It helps blood and lymph flow raising the metabolic rate, contributing to detoxification, breath acceleration, as well as boosting tissue flexibility and immunity system stimulation. It provides oxygen to the cells. It enhances product absorption (aromatic oils).


This type of massage originates in Chinese acupuncture and in traditional Japanese massage. It is applied by using the fingers, hands, and elbows according to the personal needs. This type of massage activates the self-healing capacity of the body and reestablishes equilibrium. During this procedure, you should wear light clothes. Together with the other Occidental therapies, Shiatsu is used to balance the energy flux. After the session, you will not only feel fulfilled, but you will also feel full of energy and dynamic. In the first place, this massage enhances muscle tissue flexibility and eliminates muscle tension and stress. It helps alleviate head and back aches, it regulates blood flow, it balances the functions of the internal organs, it solves digestive problems, and it balances sleep routine, which relaxes the mind.


Thai massage

This type of body massage is also called “passive yoga” and it comprises centuries-old techniques that originate from the treatment methods of the Far East civilizations. This type of massage is based on the principles of peace, calm, awareness, spiritual purification and relaxation, offering a strong sensation of peacefulness, freshness and body renewal. This massage type is a different combination of the Shiatsu acupuncture and the yoga sessions, and it also combines stretching and pressure points with light swinging. Please wear comfortable clothes.

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