Ozone Therapy 


Known in the Ancient Greece as “God’s Breath”, the effects and necessity of the ozone were discovered in 1880. Although it has been known about for more than 150 years, the true value of this technique was only recently understood realized.

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What is ozone therapy?

Known in the Ancient Greece as “God’s Breath”, the effects and necessity of the ozone were discovered in 1880. Although it has been known about for more than 150 years, the true value of this technique was only recently understood realized.

Ozone works very well against stress, mental, and physical fatigue. Once the white and red cells are activated, people feel younger and have a better general state.  Professional athletes, business men, artists, and women can benefit with confidence from this therapy. Ozone increases resilience and performance.

With one ozone injection you can add years to your life and life to your years.

The therapy reduces insomnia, helps memory, reduces the fat and increases muscle, balances sugar and cholesterol levels, strengthens bones and the immunity, and supports skin cleansing and increases its elasticity.

A busy and hectic daily schedule, a life style with little exercise, and difficulties in losing weight make a slow and tiresome metabolism.

Ozone therapy increases the oxygen level in our body. The cells use more oxygen and increase the process of burning fat. The result: increasing resistance of the metabolism, which starts burning the calories instead of depositing them. Once the metabolism starts functioning faster, you will notice a loss in body weight, fatigue, and staying thin should not be a problem anymore.





The benefits of ozone therapy

  • Well being: the general opinion of people who have tried the therapy is that of general well-being, they all felt healthier.
  • Stronger immunity system: It gives people with medical issues the certainty of a faster recovery and  of a consolidated immune system. Particularly, this therapy makes people  who experience frequent colds and flu, at certain times of the year, more resilient to disease.
  • Increases blood flow: It activates the blood cells and helps their generation. It helps the blood reach those areas of the body with a blood deficit. It also helps the recovery of the bloodstream.
  • Generation of new cells: By generating new cells, wounds can heal in a shorter period of time. In addition to this, it helps the rejuvenation of older cells, by generating new cells. Ozone helps regenerating tissues whose structure has been affected.

  • Detox effect: It protects the body against affections by cleaning the residues produced naturally by the body. The German scientists accept the idea that ozone cleans the blood, and is effective for detoxification
  • Antibacterial effect: It destroys all known viruses, bacteria, and fungi that which can cause many types of diseases. This effect replaces the need for antibiotics  and expensive treatments in the case of certain diseases.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect: It eliminates the cause of pain and the chemical components eliminate the state of discomfort.
  • Anti-cancerous effect: Cancerous cells usually develop and multiply in a live environment. Having the ability to oxygenate cells, it can cause the cancerous cells to lose their ability to reproduce. Some science journals have demonstrated that it helps reducing the risk of cancer relapse.
  • It helps maintaining vitality: Together with the health related benefits that the ozone has, it also helps the state of mind by alleviating stress and emotional problems.

Who do we recommend ozone therapy for?

Who should not undergo ozone Therapy?

For problems caused by insomnia, depression, libido, early ageing, attention deficits and focus problems of people under stress and pressure.

It is also recommended for a large range of other problems, including allergies, rheumatism, cancer and chemotherapy, liver and skin problems, cosmetic problems, aging and related problems, diabetes, hypertension, and ulcers. This therapy has no secondary effects, and there is no negative interaction with administered drugs.

Ozone therapy is a natural therapy which protects health and helps people get over various health problems.

There are few situations in which ozone therapy should not be used, although people who suffer from severe anemia or different blood diseases (like hemophilia) should not undergo ozone therapy.

Ozone is not recommended in the case of a hyperactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) which produces excess hormones. It is also not recommended for people who have recently suffered from a heart attack or people who suffer from coagulation problems.

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