The Raw Food Detox is a program we highly recommend to those who want to eliminate  extra fat and alleviate the digestive system.

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Raw Food Detox Principles

Raw food is based on vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, and seeds. The foods from the Raw Food Detox program are processed at temperatures of a maximum 42 °C.

Together with the juice, you will need to drink a lot of water (alkaline at pH 9.5) in order to intensify the detox process by generating an increase in the level of growth in the toxins eliminated through the kidneys. It is recommended to drink as many liquids as to urinate every other hour.

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You have to drink at least 6 bowls of detox soup every day, there is no maximum limit.


Raw Food Detox Program


  • 08:00 Wheat juice + green juice
  • 09:30 Alkaline water + detox  soup
  • 11:00 Alkaline water + detox soup 
  • 12:30 Raw lunch + electrolyte drink
  • 14:00 Alkaline water + detox soup
  • 15:30 Wheat, herbs juice + green juice
  • 17:00 Alkaline water + detox soup
  • 18:30 Raw lunch + electrolyte drink
  • 20:00 Green energizing drink + alkaline water
  • 21:30 Pro-biotics

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