Four high-performance therapies all in one equipment, offering fabulous results for facial rejuvenation.


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BRILLIANT treatment has the effect of an extremely gentle diamond peeling with exceptional control on the treatment. Unlike classic micro-dermabrasion with crystals, diamond micro-dermabrasion does not imply the risk, neither for the patient nor for the therapist, of small particles getting into the nose, eyes, or ears.BRILLIANT technology eliminates the risk of powder particles remaining in the soft skin or generating infections.Delicate areas can be treated such as the nose lines, the areas under the eyes, and the edges of the mouth. Treatment for these areas is possible due to the treatment device being especially designed for these areas. The therapy is non-invasive and pain-free. Visible results are guaranteed from the first session.


  • It regenerates tissues and cells;
  • It accelerates the production of collagen and elastin;
  • It reduces fine wrinkles and superficial scars;
  • It reduces freckles and pigmentation marks (sun marks);
  • It relieves tissues;
  • It accelerates natural hydration of the skin;
  • It clears complexion, restoring luminosity;
  • It treats stretch marks (especially newly appeared stretch marks).


Oxy Plus is four high-performance therapies all in one equipment, offering fabulous results for facial rejuvenation.

It involves equipment with the latest generation technology specially created to give the best results in facial treatments. As we grow older, the blood vessels get thinner, the collagen and elastin groups start to be consumed and the muscles get weaker. Oxy plus is the single one equipment offering all the treatments necessary for regaining the elasticity, firmness, vitality, and luminosity of the complexion.

Medically-pure Hyperbaric Oxygen

Powerful pressure and high purification (98%) of the oxygen offers fabulous results, right from the first session.

Virtual Mezotherapy

This combines electroporation with electroosmosis to enhance the infiltration of active ingredients from the cosmetic cocktails into the dermis, thus remodeling the skin and the tissue.


This very popular anti-ageing biostimulation treatment is an excellent “facial tonic” with remarkable results. The bipolar treatment head is especially designed for small areas, which makes it possible to focus on dark circles.


Vacuum facial massage is an excellent procedure for relieving the tissues and enhancing facial microcirculation.

Beauty face of beautiful woman with clean fresh skin - isolated


  • It gives luminosity and brightness;
  • It erases wrinkles;
  • It gives a smooth and soft texture;
  • The skin is revived and more elastic;
  • It restores vitality and firmness;
  • The complexion is balanced and fresh.


Silicon treatment

Super-Lift silicon treatment is recommended for women who want to smoothen their complexion, fill deep wrinkles, and lift the outline of the face. Natural silicon is found in the body, especially in the skin where it combines with hyaluronic acid. Silicon is necessary for collagen and elastin synthesis, but as we get older, the silicon quantity diminishes.

Eye outline treatment

The area around the eyes has different physiologic characteristics than the rest of the face. The skin in this area is 5 times more sensitive because mucous membranes are localized very close to the eye. External factors such as the sun, pollution, and too much time spent in front of the computer, have a more profound effect on this area. Besides, the skin structure in this area is poorer in fat tissue.

Collagen treatment

After this treatment, the complexion will be radiant and wrinkles will disappear. This unique treatment uses Marine Collagen molecules which create a special connection with the complexion, with an immediate smoothing effect.

Hyaluronic acid treatment

Therapy with hyalluronic acid skin filler is designed for women with deep wrinkles and expression wrinkles. The treatment uses the Marine Hyaluronic Complex, which is made up of hyaluronic acid with a high molecular weight and a marine extract from Kopara (a marine microorganism).

Dry complexion treatment

The complexion can become dry for different reasons: some factors are external, while other factors are internal. The external factors are: inadequate care, using harsh alkaline soap, alcohol based lotions, or a too abrasive scrub, or a harsh climate (cold weather, wind, sun exposure). The internal factors are generally elements which reduce the sebum secretion and perspiration (pregnancy, menopause, endocrine disorders).

Hydra Marine intense hydration treatment

This treatment is recommended for all women with a dehydrated complexion, harsh skin or “clingy skin”. From the very first session, the skin restores its freshness, but it is recommended to have between 6 and 12 sessions at one or twice a week.

Fat complexion

This is a treatment recommended for all women and teenagers who have a strongly fat or acne prone complexion. The treatment balances the seborrhea, diminishes pimple acne, and the skin becomes balanced and healthier. The active ingredient from the products used in this treatment is Controlamine, which is an extract of Laminaria algae, and which has the property to inhibit the activity of the 5 alpha reductase enzyme.

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