During the green juice detox program, you will nourish your body during the day with alkaline plants, such as spinach, celery, and cucumber  juice.

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Green Juice Detox Principles

The high levels of chlorophyll  in this detox program will increase the level of oxygen in you blood.

From the moment your body does not consume its energy for digestion, it will begin to use it for recovery, regeneration, and  healing.

Green Juice Detox is a program to follow exclusively for 4 to 7 days, before or after a standard detox diet (Master Detox).




 Daily sauna, steam therapies, and massages will accelerate the detox process. Use these procedures daily.


Master Detox Program


  • 08:00 Shake
  • 09:30 Wheat and herbs juice
  • 11:00 Shake
  • 12:30 Green juice and electrolyte drink
  • 14:00 Shake
  • 15:30 Wheat and herbs juice
  • 17:00 Shake
  • 18:30 Green juice and electrolyte drink
  • 20:00 Shake
  • 21:30 Pro-biotics

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