We believe that diseases start once the toxins and negative emotions begin to accumulate and there appears an unbalance in the energy consumption of the body. By disrupting the digestion process for even just one day every week, you will redirect the energy spent normally digestion instead toward the emotional and spiritual level.

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Detox was created to offer a rapid start, or rather a restart, to help all your systems work better again. It is an instrument anyone can use to recover, to reset the balance and to heal. As it was created taking into consideration the needs of busy people, Detox is an easy and practical detox plan which perfectly fits in to the daily schedule without you having to disengage from the normal stream of life.

Toxins and stress create obstacles for normal functioning and in the self-healing capacity of our bodies. If we alienate these obstacles and we instead offer our bodies what it really need, it will recover their health and energy and we will begin to look and feel extremely well!

Detox programs contain cocktails that are carefully prepared so that they provide the necesarry proteins, fats, and a certain quantity of carbohydrates, in the form of liquids, together with all the nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that the liver needs in order to carry out its detoxification function.



Master Detox

Nature offers us all the nutrients we need for a complete detoxification. But it is up to us how we select and introduce these instruments in to our body. The program include all the nutrients you will need.



During the green juice detox program, you will nourish your body during the day with alkaline plants, such as spinach, celery, and cucumber  juice. The high levels of chlorophyll  in this detox program will increase the level of oxygen in you blood. From the moment your body does not consume its energy for digestion, it will begin to use it for recovery, regeneration, and  healing. Green Juice Detox is a program to follow exclusively for 4 to 7 days, before or after a standard detox diet (Master Detox).




Raw Food Detox

The Raw Food Detox is a program we highly recommend to those who want to eliminate  extra fat and alleviate the digestive system. Raw food is based on vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, and seeds. The foods from the Raw Food Detox program are processed at temperatures of a maximum 42 °C.



Although you probably do not think too much about the life formula, our body permanently performs in every moment an unthinkable number of functions, and constantly, the cells breathe and  work and generate residues. Sugar (carbohydrates in food) and air are the fuels that each cell uses. All these functions of our body generate residues, which are eliminated through the skin (perspiration), lungs (in the form of carbon dioxide), kidneys (in the form of urine), liver (bile), and the intestine (feces). Eliminating these residues is as important as producing energy.

The entire digestive process represents one of the biggest consumers of energy in the body.

During the detox program, you will increase the enzyme level in your body by eating a large quantity of raw food and in this way you will save a lot of energy. Because modern people have the habit of eating many times during the day, energy consumption never stops. As long as digestion consumes a great portion of the body’s energy, detoxification is partially postponed or at least slowed down.

Detox programs are created in such a way that they release a stronger signal than that of a regular cleaning of the organism, particularly by reducing the digestive activity.

Detox programs accelerate and intensify the elimination of toxins from the body. The elimination of toxins also implies their release and neutralization through an optimal intake of nutrients and adjuvant therapies to the detox program.

The detox program has three stages: PRE-DETOX: at least 3 days (recommended 7 days); the time of the CHOSEN PROGRAM (MASTER DETOX, GREEN JUICE DETOX, RAW FOOD DETOX) - minimum 5 days, maximum 21 days; and POST-DETOX: minimum 3 days. 

Undertaking a detox program implies changing certain habits. This change can be very difficult regardless of their previous eating habits or life-style.


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We support you with everything you need to start the detox procedures for a program of your choice: MASTER DETOX, GREEN JUICE DETOX or RAW FOOD DETOX.

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